Aquatic Creatures (Pets)

Hello, I am Satan. [pet of AC2]

Gaia is an Egyptian Mau AC2 found living underneath her old house. She is very, very smart and uses her powers for evil, as evidenced by the destruction in this photo. (Eventually the box was destroyed to the point she started poking her paws inside in order to destroy the contents.)

Sir Scraps, King of Chihuahuas [pet of AC1]

Scrappy is, as you can quite clearly see, King of Chihuahuas. His interests include mescal, ladies, cheese and his favorite rugby shirt. Also going Zen while chewing on on his bobo.

Kitten a.k.a Marmalade [pet of AC2]

Kitten was orange, had markings like a giraffe, a very strong interest in dairy products and did not know how to use his vocal chords. He also believed that he could climb walls. Kitten was, as you may have guessed, "special".AC2 was sad to lose him in May of 2010. Rest in peace, dear Scuba Cat. You are missed. Because now I'm stuck with that other asshole cat.

Sam Biggles [pet of AC1]

Mr. Biggles is a Persian with more fur than any cat could possibly have a need for. He generally appears to be displeased and plotting your death, but it's possible he's just contemplating DIABEETUS as his doppelgänger Wilford Brimley.