What is an Aquatic Cousin?

The Aquatic Cousins number   
 One and Two.

Aquatic Cousin Two (AC2), also known as Sparker. A graduate student, writer and aspiring Cat Lady, Sparker has an unhealthy preoccupation with unicorns and is most definitely a giant nerd. She is the proud parent of one horrifyingly mischievous cat (see: Aquatic Pets).

 Aquatic Cousin One (AC1), also known as Manda. Manda is mistress of Aquatic Headquarters, The Barbie Dream House (BDH) and excels in bar-tending, Italian cooking and wrangling small children that belong to other people. She is the proud parent of Sam Biggles, The Floofiest of Kitties and Sir Scraps, King of Chihuahuas (see: Aquatic Pets).

*Additionally, The Aquatic Cousins are scuba-certified and may one day put this certification to genuine aquatic use. In the meantime, look for them at Schlitterbahn during the summer.