Saturday, November 14, 2009

A trip, a party, a spider, a turkey.

So recently this Aquatic Cousin returned from San Francisco where I spent Halloween visiting with Empty Chair Cousin (or Best Dancer Cousin). We had a splendid adventure which included the commandeering of a Fauxconut for the afore mentioned cousin. We had some spectacular meals my favorite being the brunch we had at Foreign Cinema.
We saw the Dirty Pro's at Bimbo's and danced the night away! The Aquatic Cousins saw them at ACL aka Mud Fest 09, but they were way better at a smaller indoor venue.

The highlight of my Halloween was the Pre-Halloween party we hosted at Empty Chair Cousin's apartment it gave everyone the chance to test out their costumes and we had quite the turnout. It was a hit thanks to the loot we scored from Tartine Bakery! Yum!
Actual Halloween was a most magical adventure comprised of walks, party hopping and dancing with strangers dressed as the Iceman and Maverick. I may or may not have carried around my own bottle of white wine toward the end of the night. . . ha.

Now home and broke I am trying to live more modestly *cough* so I had a girly dinner with Lana, Val, April and Jessica at Eastside Cafe. Alana and I shared Ruby Trout in a ginger cream and mushroom sauce! It was delicious and I would recommend it to anyone! Alana and I then traveled back over to my hood and went to a house party thrown by Ginger Lauren a good friend of AC2. The party was a hit. . .for many reasons. I like it because Worth and the crew showed unexpectedly, AC2 liked it because there were men doing Martial Arts...
We both enjoyed the jello shots and drunk Alana!

The next night the Aquatic Cousins ventured to Spider House to get "work" done and then into downtown Austin. It was Peyton's birthday so we hit up 219 west and had some cake and cocktails. Afterward I may or may not have made my cousin go with to Lucky Lounge for some cheap doubles :D WoooHoo! From there it went downhill and. . .let's just leave it at that.

I feel refreshed! How about you?

So now that we have seen some squawking muppets do a rock opera, let's talk about the less talented Adam Lambert aka Glambert!
So we all know he is gay and was on American Idol right? Well apparently he decided to makeout with his keyboard player on stage (click on his name above to see the full video via Youtube.) at the American Music Awards- and well, it caused some backlash. Oh really like that wasn't planned! Well in any case, Diane Sawyer just said no to Glambert and cancelled his performance the following morning on Good Morning America. Isn't it a sad time when a boy can't kiss another boy on national television? Does anyone else remember a similar performance from a few years back? Madonna/ Brit-Brit/ Christina mackin' down to "Like a Virgin"?

Did you notice Justin Timberlake and his disapproving face? Funny! Basically what I am saying is the same old shit has happened but Glambert is far less entertaining and I think he sucks (well no kidding right, ew).
Bitchin' Thread's Glambert! And that is just what he wears to go to the Grocery store!

So now Turkey day is upon us! For the festivities tomorrow I will be here in Wimberley with the Romano's (god help me). Dad and I have this whole awkward, haven't-spoken-in-a-month little problem and then my Aunt Debra has the big "C". It will be tough with that stuff looming about, not to mention that it is a DRY event as all the Romano functions are. Hopefully I can hide out in Morgan's room and play Rock Band with her.

Then Saturday it is the Parker Family Thanksgiving at the G-Bar Ranch. We will venture into Aggie territory for this event, please prey for our speedy return! Thankfully and not so thankfully the Parker family likes its booze and that will help make it more bearable.
Our Granddad is dying and the whole family isn't doing a very good job of handling the whole thing. Still no Hospice and we needed them a week ago. It really isn't the place of the Aquatic Cousins to intervene so we are just innocent passengers on this derailing train of doom. Woe.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Yeah. . . . YOU'RE WELCOME!

Also a special thank you to all our service men and women on this fine holiday! Especially to the favorite Army man of the Aquatic Cousins, we will drink in your honor sir!

This is AC1 saying good luck to you during this holiday season, and remember you can't spell the word Families without the word LIES!

** There will be more photos of the misc. adventures when blogger and the internet decide to like me again.

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