Thursday, December 23, 2010

We are good at lots of things...

Merry whatever you're having from the Aquatic CAZZINES!
(and Valerie)

Here are your holiday trends for 2010 direct from us to you:
1) Hair Tinsel! I am rocking some gold strands right now!
It is fun and festive for the Holidays! You decorate a tree, how about your head (see how I write in red to make you feel more christmas cheer) ?
2) Being de-friended by family members on Facebook! That is what it is all about kids, being with loved ones and celebrating the birth of our savior Old Gregg.
3) The previously mentioned (see post below) Cat Patty Cake video!
4) Old School anthems of female empowerment a la Salt N Pepa!
5) The always adorable Christmas Trolls, I recently discovered that I own one much to my delight!
6) Last but not least, getting hammered with your parents while wearing an adorable Xmas Sweater!

* Cazzine aka Cousin as spelled by seven year old me!

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