Friday, September 11, 2009

Internet dating, road trips, and cousin adventures to come....

It's September and that means the huge Vogue magazine will be on my coffee table and it is birthday time for Sparker (Wow just caught a whiff of Scrappy, he needs a bath! WOAH!) This month has started off with a BANG! I have been to Taos, gone on a date and I am planning a birthday blow out for AC2 (Sarah you should be afraid).

It has been a month of new beginnings for the Aquatic Cousin's, new friends, fresh advice, strange happenings. AC2 has a new place of employment which makes my heart sing (you, cousin love work so hard)! Me, (as always) I am a huge mess who has little to no direction, but I do seem to have more than normal this year. Chalk it up to a therapist if you will (GIVE ME THE DRRRUUUGS!) or just good luck, but so far the fall looks like it should be great!

Apparently this look says bag lady?

I had the worst time deciding what to wear (I have too many options)! Ally told me I looked like a bag lady, Keeon said that the dress didn't show me off to my best advantage. . . so I changed three times and finally got it right. I guess? My date didn't seem horrified by my appearance anyway so that was good. First experience with internet dating, was not so bad but then again I am a horrible judge of character so maybe you should tell me?
That's all for now on the topic of internet dating, but I do recommend it thus far. Try it for yourself, but don't blame me if you end up with a stalker.
(If you wish to know more about the actual date you will have to call me because that is privileged information.)
The Taos trip was great we had a beautiful back yard and the dogs had a swell time! Moose loves to ride in the car and he also enjoyed the nice cool grass.
We had some amazing food including my personal favorite the Chile Rellenos from Doc Martins, also some amazing Foie Gras with Brioche from Joseph's Table. As always I really enjoyed the spices and hatch chile that New Mexico offers and you really can't beat the company or the margaritas!
This trip we made the pilgrimage to Chimayo where they have a chapel that is said to hold a holy dirt that can heal the sick (Becks had a cold so she got herself a little bag full). Does it really heal people? Many believe that they have received miracles after visiting Chimayo which is evident by the tons of photos and tokens left at the site, including hundreds of pairs of crutches. It is a neat little tourist trap if you ask me, but we did buy some of Chimayo's holy chile from a man we named Juan Bautista. He let us taste the different kinds and told us we were holy because all things god creates are holy. . . Chimayo is also famous for the high rate of heroine usage in the area.
Going to Taos is always fun, it is just the drive that is so awful! It is boring and takes forever especially when you do it in one day like we did this time, I guess mom didn't want to stay at the BEAUTIFUL Executive Inn again in Carlsbad. A man name Habib runs the front desk and charges you an outrageous amount for a sketchy ass room so bad that mom actually went to Wal-Mart and bought new pillows and cases to sleep on for the night. She was afraid to leave the dogs alone in the room, I guess she doesn't appreciate the charm of an empty swimming pool filled with garbage, empty boxes of condoms in the lot and barefoot children running down the side walks?
The only good thing about the drive to Taos is stopping in the tiny town of Vaugh and going to Penny's Diner. It is a classic 50's style joint with the best milk shakes you have ever tasted! YUM!
The gems are re-stocked and exciting times are on the way! I just drank a Bud Light Lime (which I also recommend strange as it may be) and bedazzled some more. . . it is really coming along nicely and AC2 and I plan to get some work done on it Sunday! Whoooohooo Sunday Funday with the cuz! I will say the jewl always seems to land glue side down, kinda like buttered bread.


Reminding you to be kind and rewind.


  1. i want to get the AC2 a Twilight sex toy for her birthday. but i think she frowns on that?

    -Godsister Rebs. (that is the only name I can think of on while on 4 perscription medications and 1 OTC. I can settle for Rebecca.)

  2. I feel dirty just for sharing this:


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    Also the customer comments are the creepiest things ever in all of time and space and I've completely lost faith in humanity because of them. JESUS LORD.