Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Longhorn Football and AC1 related news.

So this weekend is looking good! The Aquatic Cousin's will both be enjoying some Longhorn Football (in different areas of the stadium but none the less)! I will be trying to convince AC2 to join me for some pre-game tailgating, which in my opinion always makes the game sooo much better!

If you look to your right you will see a crazy painted Longhorn fan, he is Steve: King of the Tailgate (this was one instance when he made me paint him and his friend for a Horns basketball game). The man is a hardcore horns fan, he has twice spent weeks custom painting ping pong table's in Longhorn theme. He brings one (the second new and improved version), along with two TV's and multiple tables to every home game (look for him if you are out he will be the crazy little screaming Mexican man).

It is a family tradition, loving the Longhorns, Sarah has gone to UT for both undergrad and grad school and our G-Dad tied a world record in track when he attended back in the day. We love the Longhorns so much that my uncle even has a burnt orange Jeep. We also make Longhorn sugar cookies at Christmas time. . they are beautiful as well as delicious.
Here are Sarah's beautious cookies from 2008!

I am so looking forward to the beat down the Horns will hand out this weekend, Tech sucks and last year they threw tortillas at us! What the hell you people are an embarrassment to the Big 12! I can't wait to hear their fans cry after the game.

In un-Longhorn related news, I am working more and going to school less, which is great with me! Gotta love that MONEY! I am also about to get back into the stock game and hopefully make a little cash and learn somethings. We could all use a little extra cizzzash right? I am a bit low on funds at the moment which may or may not be due to a recent purchase of a certain pair of shoes. . . ahem.
I am also gyming it quite a bit, join me for spin class tonight at 6 pm! I do love Castle Hill! Currently I am cleaning and organizing the "Room of Doom" which is my closet within the BDH. I am making slow but steady progress. I had no idea it had gotten so bad! If only the BDH has as much storage space as it has charm!
Anyway work for miss Shelley tomorrow all day long! I believe we have a photo session at ten am.

Well this Aquatic Cousin needs to get back to cleaning now that lunch is over.


* Dayover a day long hangover.

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