Thursday, April 8, 2010

COFFE. (Yeah I just made a reference to a typo I made on Twitter this morning. Get excited.)

From the. . .bed* of AC2.

I'm testing something (and there will be many more edits/updates made to the blog in the near future, but hopefully most of them will go undetected). With any luck, you'll be reading this while I'm teaching poor, unsuspecting undergraduates about autoethnography. (Yeah I just sent your ass to Wikipedia, in case you were too lazy to Google.)

I doubt I have an entire hour and fifteen minutes planned- more like maaaybe forty-five- so they're going to love me.

Speaking of which, I should probably finish preparing that lecture. (I have a complete lesson plan and slides from last year, so there's not much left to do. I'm less of a procrastinator than usual. But still really nervous, for some reason.)

Oh come on, you knew this was coming.

Wish me luck and kitten kisses, whatever the hell that is. At least this morning's procrastination has been productive- I paid an overdue bill (damn you City of Austin, for charging me an extra 88 cents!) and am arranging online set up in the future, to save on paper statements. Because I love the Earth.


*T set up the Internet connection in my bedroom so we could watch Netflix on the computer in a comfortable, reclined position without cats climbing all over us. Unfortunately my wireless network has worked maybe twice- thanks AT&T!- so I have to be near the Ethernet cord. Thus: I work from bed. This is both amazing and awful at the same time.

ETA: Test appears to be epic fail. Woe. Will investigate at a later time.

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