Friday, June 25, 2010

Ain't no panic in my disco, only party. And sparkles.

From the desk of AC2, Sparker.

My life is pretty ridiculous these days, you guys. Even more so than usual. In the grand tradition of Doing Things At The Last Minute (which I started in Elementary school; you can ask my mother*), I was up until 3am Sunday putting the finishing touches on my Disco!Deer for the First Annual Art Show that my company put on Monday evening.

I always see the emails for these things when they're six weeks away and think My god! I am a good artist! My mom says so! Nevermind that I haven't produced a decent watercolor or paper-mâché Mastiff mask since the 8th grade- I AM AN ARTIST. I WILL PRODUCE NOT ONE- BUT THREE!- PIECES FOR THIS SHOW AND ALL WILL LOVE ME.

Obviously this ends in time and budget constraints that find me shopping for supplies for one piece only at the Kerrville Wal*Mart and spray-painting in the night so I can't get in trouble from my apartment complex's management. (No, I have no idea how that silver paint got on the grass. How mysterious.)

More importantly: What is a Disco!Deer, you may ask? Ask and you shall receive, Reader Dear:

That is a Disco!Deer. My artist's bio, in case you can't read it, says "The more ridiculous, the better."

Now accepting commissions! And I actually have some too- get your orders in today, folks. That one in particular will be on display in my office until July 30th and then will adorn the wall either of my living room or right above the bed in my room. I can't decide which location suits it best; the bedroom is certainly more ridiculous, but the living room is where everyone will be able to see it. DECISIONS. I hear the important ones are what Adulthood is all about. (Don't worry if you are having trouble becoming a Real Adult. You are not alone.)

That's probably the most exciting thing I've done all week too- I spent Tuesday night helping Aquatic Friend Ginger Lauren prepare for her GRE exam (NEVER GO TO GRAD SCHOOL NEVER GOOOOO) by quizzing her on vocab words and coded a large chunk of my thesis data. We are planning to continue the nerdy party into this weekend by using large vocab words while making lump crab dip and having a Harry Potter marathon. Ah, the wild carefree days of young adulthood.

So. Give me more reasons to ignore my thesis and glue shiny shit into cardboard animals instead. Available designs (custom designs- say, a Disco!Unicorn or elk- are available, but require more time and money to make happen):

  • Elephant
  • Moose (there's a Sarah Palin joke in here somewhere)
  • Deer
  • Rhino
  • Bison
Email me (sparkeranne at gmail dot com) if you're so inclined as to have this wonder grace your walls.


*Procrastination From an Early Age: A Tale by AC2

My mom's favorite thing to hear when I was 10 or 11:

"What Sarah?"
"I have a project and I need some poster board. Do we have any?"
"No, but we can go to the store. . .wait, when is this project due?"
"Well. . .then we better go to the store?"

It's a good thing I was cute.


  1. Disco!jungsaya. duh.

    I love your project btw.

  2. Oh my god. YES. First I need to finish his watercolor book. You will get it one day- mark my words. Like his devotion to tuna am I devoted to this.