Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Human Energy Raditates from. . .what, exactly?

From the desk of AC2, Sparker.

This is the dumbest advice I have seen, maybe ever, so it's not so surprising that it's from a Twitter account called "Rush Right":

Human energy enters your body through your belly button – not eyes, ears. If it’s not positive, twist your body away to deflect. It works!

I'm pretty sure that "twisting your body away to deflect negative energy" is called "ignoring someone". Please just envision how that would play out.

Some Girl: I am saying rude things!

Some Other Girl: My belly button does not accept negative energies from you! I TURN AWAY! I TURN AWAAAAAY!

Belly buttons are just scars, y'all. Scars. Not portals of energy. Lords.


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