Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Birthdays and Water.

From the couch of AC2, Sparker.

I am still not entirely sure where September went, but I do know that I cannot wish it back no matter how fervently I try. As I try not to go into spasms of panic over the fact that it's now October (employment! thesis!), I figure I should thank all of you across The Great Internets who helped me with my Charity: Water September Campaign. On the last day, I was close --!

An excerpt from the Charity: Water Log (Blog)- they highlighted me on my birthday : )

It says "Sarah's turning 25: Her mission statement is short and sweet: 'You know you would've at least bought me a beer for my birthday. . .so buy this kid some clean water instead." We love it. She's $700 strong towards her $1000 goal."

But alas, I thought the campaign ended at midnight on the 30th, not midnight on the 29th so I did not all-out campaign as I should have. The end result though, was $816 raised towards clean drinking water for the Bayaka people of the Central African Republic. That's enough for 8 families, 40 people.

I might be unemployed and quickly running out of money, but I still have my own apartment with hot and cold water a mere turn of the tap away. 'Clean' has never been a question for me, my entire life. Neither has 'safe'. I look at the Photo of the Day (Oct 1st) on their blog and I'm happy I could be some small part of that. Thank you to everyone who helped make my donation possible- and there's always next year : )

From the Charity: Water Log: A boy in Tekeiplay, Liberia, grins at his village’s hand-dug well. His old water source, before the charity: water well was built, was a 25-minute walk away and the water gave his village chronic stomach problems. (photo: Mo Scarpelli)

Water changes everything for children – click here to learn more.

Everyone who donated should receive a tax receipt by email, and when the project in the C.A.R. is finished in 12-18 months, you'll receive coordinates and photos. 100% of the money you donated goes directly to the project- the private backers of charity: water make this possible.


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