Monday, July 19, 2010

You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

From the desk of AC2, Sparker.

Stop whatever it is that you are doing right now, and make plans to go see Inception. Then you will probably want to make plans to see it again because this, my friends, is a movie that is going to make you think- your questions will only lead to more questions. The analytic in me LOVES IT. There is room for endless interpretation (which might tell you a lot about how cynical you are- or hopeful, or vest in the Self. . .you see my point) or you can simply enjoy it for the heist film it is- with a slight horror bent, in that your mind is something you can never really escape. At least not in any way that isn't potentially permanently damaging.

Bless you, Christopher Nolan, for managing to deliver on a movie that is not only thought-provoking, but visually stunning. Or as I put it after my first viewing "fucking beautiful".

May I also add this movie has done nothing to quell my ridiculous crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Call me, JGL.

"You're asking me for Inception. I hope you do understand the gravity of that request."

Trust me, this is one movie that is worth the $7 many times over.


ETA: DISCLAIMER: Apparently if I want to give something a good review, I have to tell the Internets that I am not getting paid to do so. HEY INTERNETS, I AM POOR. The end.

(Dear Christopher Nolan,

If you want to give me money to write good reviews, I might not be against that. I am still paying off grad school.

Love, Sparker

PS Just kidding I have artistic integrity. In reviews. I have to go now.)

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