Friday, July 23, 2010

Satan Cat probably is capable of doing that to my tire WITH THE EVIL IN HER SOUL.

From the desk of AC2, Sparker.

Today I had a pretty nasty blowout on my way to work; while driving, my cap-less water bottle fell over and started adding a river of water to the interior of my beloved Lafayette (yes, I named my car after a fictional gay man on True Blood) and while reaching over to grab it, I gave the curb a. . .love tap. The curb is apparently not into loving relationships, but rather S&M or perhaps downright abuse.

I'm going with the latter, because the blowout forced my car to slam into the curb a second time, at which point I watched a tiny, silver sliver of something fly into the air as my car wobbled to a sad stop.

That silver sliver, it turns out, was a chunk of my wheel.

When I do a thing, I like to do it right.

That's when I realized I probably should have given in to my first instinct this morning and just never gotten out of bed. Fortunately thanks to the kind efforts of the Chevron Travel Club, the people of Discount Tire company and a credit line from American Express, my car now has a shiny new shoe. I just have to go to the dealer tomorrow morning to make sure I didn't knock it out of alignment. Which. . .seems pretty damn likely.

I sent my mother the following picture to explain what happened:

That is what really happened to my tire.

For some reason she hasn't responded to me yet.


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  1. Dearest Cousin,

    I love your commitment... you never half ass things and this I admire.
    Lafayette I'm sure is less than pleased.. I would watch out if I were you. He will probably call you hooka from now on.

    Love you hooka!