Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cheers my dears

Where you might find Aquatic Cousin Two this very night:

And if that photo of the artist's work looks intriguing to you, then you might want to visit his website to see his other work here. If you buy a painting or own a gallery or any other building in need of beautiful art and would like to arrange a showing or other purchase, please contact Aquatic Cousin Two. She- I- would be much obliged. All this tense switching is. . .intense.

(Did I mention at least this aquatic cousin enjoys terrible puns? Trufax.)

In other recent news, the Aquatic Cousins hit up the ever innovative and entertaining ColdTowne Theater on Thursday night for their 8pm and 10pm shows. (Intrepid reporter Aquatic Cousin One may have more to say on this/photos of the grand event. Stay tuned.) If you are ever looking for fresh, affordable and delightful entertainment in Austin-town, I suggest checking it out and not just because I guest-performed there with a sketch group two years ago (The P! Company) or because I am currently conducting fieldwork for my thesis there. They are genuinely awesome. Here, I will even give you a list of reasons why:

  • Experimental improv forms. Groups are always testing out new forms, such as the vaudeville-esque, silent "Pie in the Face" I saw at the 11:30pm free show last night
  • It's BYOB. And if you don't have anything at home, choose one of the two nearby gas stations to get you a nice cold tallboy of Lonestar. In a paper bag. Because you're classy.
  • Free shows. Every Sunday at 7pm & 8:30pm, Monday at 8:30pm and Friday at 11:30pm
  • Audience interaction. Be as proud as I was to see your suggestion come to life in a scene. For example I suggested "first cat" as a major life event, which somehow turned into a cat being president. Pure gold.
  • Classes. ColdTowne conservatory teaches improv and sketch classes. Free class the first Monday of every month so you have nothing to lose in checking it out.
Also I hang out there a lot, and I am pretty fun. If you see someone in the corner scribbling in a notebook feel free to come say hi. Also feel free to bring some Sophies for us to share while enjoying top-notch Austin comedy. Please don't smell my hair and mumble into my ear incoherently like that one dude did. That made me uncomfortable.

On that note, dear readers, I will leave you to enjoy your Saturday. Here, download this and it's a guaranteed party for you tonight, even if you're on the couch with Battlestar and your cats. I'm off to the art opening after finishing up some more work (the life of an Aquatic Cousin cannot be all fun and games, alas). Reporting live from Thunderbird coffeeshop, it's

-Aquatic Cousin 2

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