Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Misc. misadventure

So last night AC2 and I watched an old episode of American Gladiators circa 1992, one word AMAZING! The hair was truly outstanding as were the costumes. If you have the time or the inclination to view an old episode of the show we would highly recommend it for a good laugh!
We also have coined a new term due to the fantastic host Larry Csonka.

Csonka sa-zonk-a (v): when one completely passes out in an inconvenient/ inappropriate locale i.e. with your head resting on the steering wheel of your car at a stop light a la George Michael

Seriously though Csonka has to be the best name ever...well with the exception of Zap which was the name of one of the female gladiators.

The Aquatic Cousins have several new activities we will be covering in the upcoming future some inspired by events of the past weekend. Let me just say Sunday Funday took some unexpected and interesting turns.

You already know we like to drink Margaritas and we will continue to do so! Thus far our top picks for a good south Austin Rita are the Curra's Grill frozen Avocado's and Swirl frozen (strawberry and regular blended). For something a little more potent hit up Guero's Taco Bar and order up a Silver Train without salt. This a delicious rita on the rocks made with Herradura Silver Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice. I like to order a Topo Chico mineral water on the side and top off my rita. I was informed by a fellow next to me at the bar once that this is called a Ranch Water. Whatever it is it is delicious!

More adventures from the Aquatic Cousin's are on their way to you shortly! For now let me pimp my employers:

Shelley Shroyer Photography if you need a portrait or head shot done check her out. She does great work and is extremely detail oriented and will work tirelessly to remove any unwanted imperfections! She also does all her own framing in studio so you can have your portraits framed at a fantastic price and she guarantees any framing she does for you. She will even come hang your prints for you!

Mandola Estate Winery a great place to taste some wines and have a fantastic meal (lunch or dinner ) at Trattoria Lisina. Whatever it is be it a romantic night out or a girls trip make the short drive out through the scenic hill country and visit the Mandola's! Try a glass or there Viognier- my personal favorite- or have a Bellini at the restaurant.


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  1. I wish we could find a photo of my future husband, Joe "Bam Bam" Mauro. I want the world to see those flowing golden locks I fell in love with!

    Also I enjoy that we are the only ones commenting on our own blog.