Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something of an Introduction.

Greetings and salutations; we are the Aquatic Cousins!

[To your left, Aquatic Cousin 1. To your right, Aquatic Cousin 2.]

Based out of shining Austin, Texas, the Aquatic Cousins enjoy bedazzling cabinets, going on Scuba Adventures, eating breakfast tacos, snuggling our many and various pets, and a good alcoholic beverage during happy hour- canned champagne included. To this end, the Aquatic Cousins will happily accept any and all gifts of Sophies (Sofia Coppola's champagne that comes in pink cans with straws) that may be sent our way.

(This is not a photograph of the hand of either Aquatic Cousin- we've yet to find men brave enough to submit themselves to our awesomeness for all of eternity. Also we have better nails. Or at least AC1 usually does. College sailing destroyed mine.)

The Aquatic Cousins have established this blog to give you a taste of Austin culture from what can only be called a unique point of view; most probably it will not always be written in the near third-person, but only time will tell.

As a patron of this blog, Dear Reader, you may expect to find entertaining photographs and stories of the crafting adventures, pet adventures and other-category adventures of two twenty-something Aquatic Cousins. On occasion actual aquatic experiences may take place.

Questions, comments and concerns may be addressed in the comments. Should this blog at any time actually become popular, all assholes will be deleted with no questions asked. Anyone who likes Twilight will be submitted for psychological review.

Happy trails, dear distant internet friends!

-Aquatic Cousin 2

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