Thursday, August 27, 2009

In unrelated non cousin news:

Went to Tarbouch restaurant this afternoon and it was fantastical! Why might that be you wonder?

1. It is directly in front of the BDH
2. They have very reasonably priced Hookahs ($10.99)!
3. Delicious Kabobs
4. Outdoor seating where you can watch the frequent crashes that take place on Oltorf!
6. Great service and family owned
7. Amazing people watching there are some huge weirdo's in my hood let me tell you.
8. The house directly across the street may or may not be a crack/whore house! Awesome!

Sat outside today and smoked some mango with my gal Peyton while I attempted to teach her Spanish (epic fail) we ended up just talking about boys. . . you are not surprised!

Totally unimportant but you should be excited because everyone's favorite muppet look alike will be a guest star on Gossip Girl!

Yes that is Hillary Duff! Woohoo she is such a phenomenal actress!

Do you wear special undies on a date? You can respond via comment.
~AC1 over and out!

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